We partner with founders to reshape the built world

Gemini is the first venture studio dedicated to building and investing in real estate technology companies.

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Our portfolio companies

Helping older Americans afford their preferred next chapter
Making sustainable design more widely accessible through reuse
Helping homeowners meet their financial goals
A.I. SaaS platform - currently in stealth mode

By founders, for founders

Gemini partners Adam Pase and Chris Kelly are proptech industry pioneers who have navigated multiple businesses from conception through scale to create over $2b of combined equity value.

We invest our team resources, time, and capital in just two to three companies per year.

We only partner with repeat founders and seasoned, entrepreneurially-minded executives.

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It’s hard to staff an all-star team on day one.  

Our Studio gives founders later-stage firepower across product, design, ops, finance, marketing, HR and recruiting.

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Raising capital is a total distraction for founders.

We've raised a growth fund alongside world-class investors so that our founders can focus on building.

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Real estate is a hard market to penetrate from the outside.

Our network and investors represent the largest and most entrepreneurial enterprises in the industry.

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Got an idea? We are all ears. Got entrepreneurial chops but need an idea? We’ve got a backlog of vetted projects waiting to be paired with the right founder.

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We are a veteran team of early-stage junkies who thrive in uncomfortable and fast-paced environments.

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We give LPs the opportunity to invest ahead of later-stage VCs while creating Alpha by leveraging strategic assets. We’d be honored for you to join our roster of early-stage, real estate investors.

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