We design and build with world class founders

We are seasoned entrepreneurs. We understand the entrepreneurial journey. We put the full weight of our experience, resources, network, and process behind our portfolio companies and co-founders.

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Why Gemini

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serial entrepreneurs

The journey of entrepreneurship shouldn’t feel lonely. Come make your vision a reality with a group of proven founders and early-stage ninjas who have built billion-dollar companies.

Our Team

Build with focus and speed

We build companies at the intersection of real estate, tech, and finance. Our knowledge, experience, and network in this specific space create an unfair advantage that maximizes impact.

Our Process

Our battle-tested process exploits our studio advantage and avoids common entrepreneurial pitfalls. It efficiently de-risks ideas and accelerates time-to-market.



Have a specific idea? Obsessed with a particular problem space in proptech? Let’s chat! We also have a stash of vetted ideas from our strategic partners and internal team that are waiting for the right entrepreneur.

consumer empoWerment
financial systems
renewable energy


Within the first few weeks, we will together determine if the business can scale and how to best leverage our studio advantage. We will quickly de-risk an idea by pressure testing its biggest assumptions.

Market sizing
competitive analysis
studio advantage Assessment
assumption testing


Upon hitting go, we leverage our proprietary experimentation apparatus to test, learn, and iterate like ninjas. The output is a real product in market that customers love. Our strategic partners often become the first users.

Customer discovery
Product discovery
Business & Brand discovery
Go-to-market strategy

Launch + Build

When all signals point toward an impactful and scalable business, it's all hands on deck to get the company off the ground as quickly as possible.

legal formation
Seed Funding
Team building
product development


Once product-market fit is established, it's time to kick into hyperdrive. We'll fund growth through our dedicated fund, help recruit a world-class team, and provide ongoing guidance and access to our strategic network.

growth funding
Business development
Ongoing Strategic support

We invest in and build with world-class founders

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